RaubMiddle School

Asking Your Question

Once your topic has been submitted and approved you need to develop a testable question that more specifically shows what you are investigating. It is important that your question can be answered through the use of science and/or mathematical data collected during your experiment. If you analyze what you are trying to ask and you find that your question can’t be answered through these means, then you need to ask another question. Use the following questions to help you decide if you have a good question:

  • Can I measure my results?
  • Can I compare the measurements from different trail results?
  • Can I easily repeat my trails several times?
  • Can I carry out my experiment easily and inexpensively?
  • Can I display my results easily on a display board?

Please note that once your question has been submitted and accepted by your teacher, you will not be allowed to change your question without approval from your science teacher.