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Connecting Schools and the Health Community

A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is the technology used to share patient information between different healthcare organizations. HIEs are forming all over the country and are not only connecting local hospitals, but giving them the ability to share at the state and national levels. The goal is to assist health care providers (doctors, nurses, other clinicians, hospitals, school nurses) by allowing access to a patient's complete health history.
In the Lehigh Valley, the Children's Care Alliance is leading an initiative that allows our community hospitals and local school districts the ability to instantly share a student's health information records through a Virtual Health Village. This HIE will provide the rapid exchange of clinical information among health partner organizations, giving health care providers, including our school nurses, access to more complete and up-to-date information about our students.
Full implementation of this project will occur through a multi-phase approach over several years, but we're ready to take the first step and have our parents and guardians sign their children up to participate in this initiative. By participating, our school nurses and health partners will be able share information about immunizations, medications, allergies and any other health care issues.
This system is secure and complies with federal laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your child's health care information is kept safe through computer security standards. Only authorized personnel can see your child's health care information.
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Contact your School Nurse for any questions or check out the website below by clicking on the logo.