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Nick Weschler Agency-Horace Mann Provides Kindles for Bulldogs

Nick Weschler Agency-Horace Mann Provides Kindles for Bulldogs
Posted on 12/29/2018
Nick Weschler

The on-going partnership between Nick Weschler Agency-Horace Mann and Trexler has now resulted in Kindles for Trexler students. Through this partnership, Weschler began meeting with the Attendance Equity Focus Group during the 2017-2018 school year to provide support and help strengthen initiatives focused on improving student attendance.

Weschler encouraged the Attendance Equity Focus Group's Shamin Colon to post their latest desire to provide access to Kindles for students with improved attendance on Donors Choose. Donors Choose is the
 platform Weschler's promotes as a means to bring needed resources into schools and classrooms he supports. Once submitted, Weschler funded the request in full.

Kindles will be housed in the BARK Dog House for students to use as further incentive to promote good school attendance. A big think you to Nick Weschler for his unending support of Trexler's attendance initiatives.