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Raub MS Gets Lighting Makeover to Kickoff 2018 School Year

Raub MS Gets Lighting Makeover to Kickoff 2018 School Year
Posted on 08/31/2018
Students who return to Raub Middle School this summer will see the school in a whole new LIGHT. 

During the summer months, a partnership between West Side Hammer Electric and the school developed through the work of Community School Coordinator Jaclyn Hudak. Raub Middle School is a community school with St. Luke’s Health Network as the lead and corporate partner. Ms. Hudak works to create, strengthen and maintain the bridge between the school and community.  With the support of our community partners, Jaclyn works to improve student behavior, attendance, academics, parent engagement, school & neighborhood safety, and basic needs for our families. 

Mr. Luke Cunningham (president of West Side Hammer Electric) is a member of the hospital board as well as the Community Health Board.  He was previously and instrumental part of the renovation to the Raub Fitness Facility. As President of West Side Hammer Electric, he graciously offered his services to the benefit of the Raub Middle School Community as well as the district.  Through the efforts of WSHE, all light bulbs and lamps were replaced with LED lighting to be more energy efficient, more conducive to the learning environment, and impacts the safety and security of the building. West Side Hammer Electric Company provided all goods and services at no cost to the district. 

Quality lighting is essential for school learning environments. By improving the lighting in the classrooms/school, we want to provide a more comfortable reading and learning environment for school children.  Lighting can impact not only the facility energy consumption but the health and well-being of students and teachers.  It will increase productivity and support a positive learning environment. LED provides a more comfortable light, which helps students see better without glare and eye strain. LED lighting on average increases illuminance in a classroom by 50% and decreases energy consumption by 50%.

In just under three weeks (August 8, 2018 - August 17, 2018) teams of 5-14 electricians per day transformed the school. ALL classrooms, hallways, stairwells, stage, both gyms, student bathrooms, offices, copier rooms, and closets were switched to LED lamps, bulbs, etc - over 2,000 new lamps were installed! Additionally 2 ceiling lights on each floor were swapped out, LED flat panels were updated and Mr. Cunningham donated $1,000 to the Community School efforts to benefit future Raub students. 

Thank you to all of our staff and community members who made this project possible - the difference is night and day!