RaubMiddle School

Clubs and Activities

21st Century
Students will receive homework help and participate in enrichment activities.
Mr. Arbuster & Mrs. Narvaez, Advisors 
Anchors Away! 
Students will record the school news.
Mrs. Golden & Mrs. Gordon, Advisors
Ballroom Dance
Students will learn ballroom dances.
Miss Bolen, Miss Carey, Advisors
Students will be introduced to baseball, learn the fundamentals and play the game.
Mr. Polony, Mr. Stewart, & Mr. Plantier, Advisors
Boys Basketball
Students will be introduced to basketball, learn the fundamentals and play the game.
Mr. Smith, Advisor
Boy Scouts
Boys will participate in scouting activities.

Mrs. Morton, Advisor 

Cheerleading (football & basketball)
Cheerleaders are an integral part of the sports program as they boost the morale of the players, coaches and audiences of those who attend sporting events. Cheerleaders learn teamwork as they attend practices and games and must work together to achieve a common goal. Cheerleaders are also ambassadors of the school as they are easily recognizable in their uniforms.
Ms. Gehman, Advisor
Color Guard
Color Guard is to invite any student within our school environment to join in our performing arts activity/club and to make everyone feel welcome and to have a sense of belonging. The students of the Francis D. Raub Middle School Color Guard perform as a visual unit for the band, strive for excellence, and entertain the audience while having fun. 
Ms.Trimble, Advisor
Co-Ed Swimming
Students will be introduced to swimming, learn the fundamentals and compete with other schools.
Miss Bolen & Miss Sasani, Advisors
Cross Country
Students will learn the fundamentals of running and the importance of exercise. Students will compete against other schools in a 2.0 mile race on various courses.
Mr. Sacco, Advisor
Dance Club
The Dance Club will be a club in which both female and male students in all grades can participate in choreographed dance routines. The older students will be invited to help establish choreography. 
Ms. Carey, Advisors
Drama Club/Musical/Theater Performing Group
The purpose of this organization will be to familiarize the students with the dramatic arts. The students will learn about the many aspects of theater including acting, singing, set and costume design, stage managing, sound, and lighting. They will also learn about the elements needed to put together a full musical performance. The ultimate goal will be to provide a showcase for both the school and community. The stage work will be designed to align with reading, speaking, and listening standards. Lastly, we will emphasize the importance of professionalism needed to be a successful participant in the dramatic arts.
Mr. Adams, Advisor
Girl Scouts
Girls will participate in scouting activities.
Mrs. Morton, Advisor
Fitness Club 
Students will be given the opportunity to learn how to exercise safely at home without the need for any equipment. Students will also be given tips for healthy diet habits and lifestyle. 
Mr. Sacco, Advisor
Guitar Club
Students will learn basic to advanced skills on the guitar. This club is for the student who is just a beginner or an advanced player. Students will participate in the Winter and Spring Concerts. There will be limited guitars available for students to use. Information will also be provided for low cost quality guitars for the students to purchase.
 Mr. Plantier & Miss Morgans, Advisors
Health Careers Club
To give students information and experience to help decide if someday they would like to earn a degree or certificate and work in the healthcare field and to learn how to follow the appropriate educational path. Open to any Raub student who is interested in exploring a career in health care. 
Ms. Goldner, Advisor
National Junior Honor Society
Honor student who help in the school and local communities by helping other students with school related activities. Student has to be credited to the Honor Rollhere at Raub at least six times in the previous two years. 
Ms. Mervine & Mrs. Young, Advisors
Pheobe Club
Students volunteer at the Pheobe Care home and make a special connection with seniors. 
Miss Rentko & Miss Gehman, Advisors
School Store
The school store will operate every school day from 2:00-2:15. It will be run by the autistic support students in order to provide practical math and science skills generalization in a retail pseudo-work environment. Their duties will include sales floor, cashiers, hallway helpers, inventory, ordering, counting profits, balancing the register, shelf stocking, and general cleaning. 
Mr. Armbuster, Advisor
School Supplies
The teacher supplies will be run by the autistic support students for the practice of math, reading, and social skills generalization in a warehousing pseudo-environment. The National Junior Honor Society will assist with the operations at times in order to encourage disabled to non-disabled peer mentorship. Their duties will include stocking supplies, reading requisition orders, filling orders, and delivering to classrooms throughout the year. 
Mr. Armbuster, Advisor
Students will learn the basic skills and techniques of Soccer. 
Mr. Keeble, Advisor
Sports Management
Students manage the clock and scorebook for both boys and girls basketball. 
Miss Bolen & Mrs. Miller, Advisors
To generate interest as well as learn basic track and field technique. Also, prepare for year-end district track meet. 
Mr.Smith, Advisor
Students will learn the skills and techniques of Volleyball. 
Mr. Borrell, Boys Advisor
Miss Sassani, Girls Advisor
 What's So Cool About Manufacturing?
Video Club Students film and edit a video to compete in a regional contest.
Ms. Gordon, Advisor
Students interested in wrestling whether or not you have some background on it, or a rookie. Compete in an all ASD middle school events. 
Mr. Polony, Advisor
Yearbook Club
The purpose of this club is to complete a record of the School Year in the form of a yearbook. 
Ms. Bolen, Advisor