RaubMiddle School

Moravian Greyhounds

Welcome new seventh graders to the greyhound team. We hope you are enjoying your summer and we are just so excited to meet you at the start of the new school year. Before you start the year, here are a few suggestions to help you start the year off right. First, it is very important to report to school on time every day. On time is not walking in the building on time but being in your assigned seat when the bell rings ready to learn. Second, please remember to bring all of your materials with you every day. This includes, notebooks, pencils, pens, colored pencils, books, your school id, your bathroom pass, agenda and of course your homework. Parents the best way to keep track of your student’s assignments is to check the agenda every day.
Don't forget, if you do miss school you must bring in a written excuse when you return and it is your responsibility to check with your teachers on the day your return to make up any work you missed. 
Below is a list of things your child will need for the start of the school year.
  • #2 pencil (we suggest keeping a supply of these at home so your child can get a new one when needed)
  • pen (blue or black ink)
  • colored pencils of at least 5 different colors including blue and green (for social studies and science)
  • 2 one subject notebooks (one for math and one for science)
  • a 3 ring binder (for social studies)
  • glue stick (for science)
  • a pack of tissues (for themselves)
If you are interested in donating supplies for the the class, the team has requested the following donations:
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • baby wipes
  • paper towels